Integrated Healing session for you.  Please click here for more information on IH (Integrated Healing).  Surrogate session is available under certain circumstances.

**In person sessions are currently only available in Japan**

Integrated Healing Session (In-person, cash or credit card accepted)
First session (~120 min) : US$250
Second session or after (60-90 min) : US$190

Integrated Healing Session (Online, pay by credit card only)
First session (~120 min) : US$220
Second session or after (60-90 min) : US$160

Phobia Session
1 session 60-90 minutes $250

Integrated Healing protocol to clear phobias.  Success guaranteed.
An example case of clearing Goldfish Phobia.
An example case of clearing Caterpillar Phobia. (coming soon...)

Animal Session
1 session 30-60 minutes $100

Integrated Healing session for animals.
As you may noticed, the title of this website is "holistic healing for people and animals", Integrated Healing works on animals, too!!!

I am a Registered Veterinary Technologist working with animals for over 5 years.  I am excited to share with you that Integrated Healing (IH) works on animals as well.

The picture above is my little angel “Daphne”.  She came to me, her third owner, when she was five months old.  She used to have anal gland problem where we had to express it weekly.  Also, she was house trained, but occasionally had “accidents” on the carpet.  After a session balancing her hormone imbalance, these problems stopped!

An example case where IH helped an anorexic cat start eating again.

You don’t need to bring your animal with you to the session.  We use you as a surrogate, so don’t worry about taking out your animal and stressing them out  =)

If you are interested in a session, please contact Miyoko at

** These prices may be subject to change.**