Integrated Healing

You are your best healer.

You have an inner wisdom that has kept you alive until and through this very moment.   Your body knows how to heal itself, as we can see in the natural wound healing process.  As we adjust to an ever more modern lifestyle, we become less and less connected to this inner wisdom.  As a result, we build up stress, physical pain, emotional issues and contract illness.  They are messages from our self.

Integrated Healing is a completely holistic healing system that accesses this inner wisdom to allow us to heal ourselves.  It can look beyond symptoms to identify root causes be they emotional, mental, hormonal, physiological, or spiritual.

How Integrated Healing can help you

Everything in this world is energy. It is sometimes called Qi, chi, prana or life force. When energy flows freely and smoothly, we have happiness and wellness. When there is blockage or a disturbance in the energy flow, we have illness.

Do you have physical pain? Goals you cannot seem to progress despite all the effort in the world? Thoughts or belief systems that no longer serve you? This may be caused by an energy imbalance that may originate anywhere and in any aspect of your being: emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. It surfaces in the form of stress or pain or problems or illness for us to recognize.

To have wellness, we need to find the root cause of the dysfunction and clear it. Integrated Healing can do that and more. It is a gentle, non-invasive way of balancing a person’s energy to restore the natural healing ability to its highest state.

Characteristics of Integrated Healing


Monitoring the body's response lets us access a person’s unconscious mind and inner wisdom. By communicating with your inner wisdom, we can work effectively and safely because your body will let us know exactly what it is (and is not) ready for.

Working in Hologram

Working in a hologram means that we are dealing with all dimensions of the being: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Combination of modalities

IH combines the best of kinesiology, psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), Chinese medicine, quantum science, physiology, and life coaching, among others.

IH employs many other modalities, as the client's being chooses during the session. A person’s inner wisdom may call for a particular treatment such as Reiki, essences, tuning forks, oracle cards, books, or crystals, to name a few. These are tools we use to resonate with and correct the frequency associated with an energy imbalance. This will become clear during an IH session.

What can I expect in a session?

A session typically lasts ~60 minutes. Sessions are held online using Zoom. 

How do I contact Miyo? 

For more information about Integrated Healing or If you are ready to experience what Integrated Healing can do for you, contact I look forward to sharing this amazing healing system with you.


I am not a physician.  I do not diagnose or prescribe medicine.  Our body is design to heal itself.  I address the energetic, emotional, and spiritual blockages so that the body can benefit from it's own healing abilities.