2015 Jikiden Reiki Shoden
2014 Integrated Healing Diploma obtained
2012 Integrated Healing (First course)
2012 Reiki Okuden
2009 Registered Veterinary Technologist license obtained

Likes:  dogs, animals, snorkeling, good food, life, soft pastel, Tai-chi, crafting
Speaks:  Japanese, English, a little Mandarin
Location:  San Diego, California, USA

Miyoko formally explored holistic healing when she was struggling with her diet. Lost in the overload of conflicting information, it was impossible to know what was right for her. That was when she discovered Kinesiology and Integrated Healing (IH), which showed her exactly what was good (and bad) for her being. It became clear that we are all different: one person's super food can be another person's toxin. Through healing her own being, she developed a passion for facilitating healing and self-empowerment in others. Encouraged by how much good this created, she decided to start miyolistic to share IH with the world.

She is a Registered Veterinary Technologist with a great love for animals. Yes, IH works for animals, too! Miyoko has learned through experience that a pet's energy imbalance is often caused by the owner's energy imbalance. IH can help identify and treat these root issue to not only address the original problem, but also improve the relationship between pet and owner.

Her motto is, "we are our best healers." No one knows you better than yourself. For most of us, that wisdom lies in our unconscious. Imagine what you could do if you could connect to that wisdom. That is Miyoko's passion.