Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New York and IH master class II

Just came back from a short trip to New York for sightseeing + a class =)

I attended the Master class II on April 7th.

It was a great re-union to see my IH family in NY!  Last year IH in New York.

We learned lots of new, awesome protocol and procedures.  One of them is called "Clearing negative generational programs", and I think this will help many people out there!  Don't we inherit so many belief systems from our parents?  ...which don't really serve us to be happy...?  How cool is it if we can re-set that, not only for ourselves, but for the entire family!!!

The generational program that came up for me was...

"If you don't make others happy, you will be rejected."

OMG, that is so spot on... lol  and yay, I cleared it!

And... it was super exciting to see my drawing being on the cover of the manual....!  Thank you Mathilda and Nic <3