Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spirit is SIMPLE: A session for a cat

"If it is complicated, it's from ego.  Spirit is simple."  -Diana Cooper

This was the biggest lesson I learned during the IH course in NY.  One good example is the phobia session by Mathilda.  Please read the previous blog post ;)

I would like to present another example that means a lot to me.

One day after the class, I gave a session for a cat name Queenie.  She is my classmate Fusako's cat.  She is aging, has possible pancreatitis, and has lost 3~4 lbs (she only weighed 7 lbs to begin with).  Fusako said she has an appetite, but as soon as she puts food in her mouth, she either vomits or simply cannot swallow.  Poor kitty.
Ms. Queenie

So, I used Fusako as a surrogate and did a session on Queenie's health.  Turns out, this was the quickest and most simple session I've ever done.  Queenie's goal was straight forward:  "I have a healthy, happy kitty life!" :3

We did two corrections, one support healing.... and done!

The next morning, as I say good morning to Fusako and give her a hug, she said "she's eating...!"

I said,  "Huh? Me? Yes, I love eating."  LOL.

Fusako said,  "No, no, no, Queenie started to eat so much since last night!"

My jaw dropped.

Animals are so simple compared to humans.  This session made me more confident about working with surrogacy and with animals!  Every day I walked down the busy New York City streets, I saw so many dogs.  This trip has reminded me how much passion I have for animals.  I can't wait to help them in this completely new way :)

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